Thursday, 6 August 2015

REVIEW : LOVM Cosmetic's 15 Colour Lip Palette (Amazon)

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I know i've been absent for ages and that my blog has been very empty. If you follow me on my Facebook page; La Maquilleuse Makeup Artistry, you probably know that I had to delete all content from my blog due to a personal issue I can't really discuss here. However, I am back, with a new perspective on blogging and a whole new lot of topics to blog on!!

Anyway, on to today's Review...

I have been freelancing as a Makeup Artist in the past few months, and thus, have been in the constant process of building my Artist Kit. I already own a lip palette by Kryolan, but you can never have enough lip colours, and as it was pricey, I wanted to get something cheaper for jobs such as un-paid photoshoots, or quick-change shoots where the model only keeps a lipstick on for a few minutes, before changing colour to match different outfits/themes.

I resorted to Amazon, as they have a great range of makeup for a really cheap price. I found the LOVM lip palette based on its reviews and price; £2.99, which is what I would usually pay for a
regular coffee.

I spent a whole day trying the lipsticks and testing their wear, and I am thrilled!

There are 15 colours, of which one is a shimmery white, and the remainder a mixture of browns, pinks, purples and corals.

Considering the level of pigmentation and range of colours, I would use this palette on clients with a fair - medium/olive skintone, as they may not show up well on other skintones.

These are buildable creme formula lip pans, that last for a good amount of time, that being 2 - 4 hours. Although I experienced a slight amount of transfer, it was easily fixed by powdering the lips and reapplying a layer of lipstick, which also increased it's longevity dramatically.

The formula is non drying, and also non - greasy, which is a plus as it increases the comfort level for the wearer. Also, these DO NOT stain the lips!! This means you don't need to strip a layer of your lips off in order to remove the lipstick fully.

I have swatched all colours on my bare lips. Excuse me as my lips are suffering from dryness lately, so they do not look their best. Photos were taken in daylight, and for reference, I am NC25 in MAC studio fix fluid.

Swatches, in order of colours in the palette ( starting from top row, from left to right):

I hope You enjoyed this review! Let me know what you think, and if you want to purchase this palette, here is the link:

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